Area 1 Young Rider Team Brings Home the Gold from Colorado


We watched Erica set a goal of earning a spot on the Area 1 Young Rider Team, work hard to earn that spot and then help lead her team to victory and we are SO Proud! Check out the letter from Brenda Jarrell about their trip to Colorado.


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On behalf of the riders, the grooms, and their families, I write to THANK YOU for your support of the Area I NAJYRC Team. For those of you who haven’t heard the news, I could not be more thrilled to let you know that the team BROUGHT HOME THE GOLD MEDAL to Area I!

I truly wish each and every one of you could have attended the event. It was a true privilege to watch these girls ride, to see how hard they all worked, and to watch them support and enjoy each other. As always in the sport of eventing, not every ride went exactly as planned, and there were moments of disappointment. But there were many more moments of beauty, grace, power, and elegance. Many observers commented on the quality of the Area I riding. As Kyle Carter, former Canadian Olympian and coach of the Area III team put it, “Area I is back”! And how!

I think it’s fair to say that every Area I rider achieved some personal triumphs this weekend, and in large part the scores reflected those achievements! Particular kudos go to Hailey Rosenberg, Cornelia Dorr, and Katie Lichten, all of whom finished in the top ten individually, and Erica Jarrell who played a major asset to the team with her beautiful rides and positive attitude!

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