What is IEA ? 

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•  The Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) was formed to promote individual competition in a team format for beginner to advance level riders in 6th-12th grade.

•  IEA riders get the exciting opportunity to ride a randomly selected horse for their class and compete in Hunt Seat Equitation on the flat and over fences.

• Competitions are held at the host team’s farm, on the host team’s horses.

•  Riders earn individual points and points for their team, which can qualify them for post-season competition. 

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About the Nashoba Valley Equestrian Team


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•  The NVET is a great way for Middle School and High School teens to form friendships and team pride in this highly individualized sport. 


•  Are you a dressage rider, a hunter, or an eventer and interested in joining a team? We love to train riders to be versatile. We believe learning how to compete in different styles of riding can create stronger and better riders!


•  Though IEA does not require members to own a horse or compete, all team members are expected to work together, prepare horses for shows and assist with other team related duties as needed.

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NVET Coaches

 Lauren Donohue

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"Lauren has given our talented riders the skills to be thoughtful and confident in the ring. She instills the importance of sportsmanship, horsemanship and teamwork in all of her students and does a great job motivating the team. Lauren's commitment to NVET is obvious and it shines through in all of her students." -- Emma Bernstein- Team Captain


Kathryn Cecere 

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"Kathryn always finds creative and fun ways to stimulate her riders. She is really skilled at teaching riders to ride any horse, in any situation. Kathryn not only helped me to become a more competitve rider, but also inspired me to work harder and chase my passion." --Lauren Powtak


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Team Requirements:


  • •  The Team accepts all students in 6th-12th grade. Homeschoolers are welcome!
  • •  Team Members take at least one lesson per week
  • •  Riders in jumping divisions take two lessons per week
  • •  Regular season competitions run from September to February
  • •  Post-season competitions start in March


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Interested in joining the Nashoba Valley IEA Team?

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Interested riders should contact Head Coach, Lauren Donohue, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Call 978-486-8360 to schedule an appointment for a meeting and evaluation ride.