Harmony's Horses


We have a wonderful group of kind, patient school horses for our students


This tiny mare is the perfect beginner’s pony! Abby has been a member of the Harmony family for years and has started countless riders on their first steps to riding. Now this sweet pony specializes in walk/trot lessons and summer camp.


Apollo is a gorgeous 17.1 Oldenburg paint gelding with a personality to match his size. He has turned into a very competitive eventer having qualified and competed at both regional and national championships several times, including the American Eventing Championships in 2016 and 2017. placing both times!  Apollo can also be seen in lessons with more advanced students helping them fine tune their dressage and jumping or in the line up at an IEA Show. He is always a crowd pleaser.


This beautiful 5 year old trakehner mare is taking big steps to becoming a stand-out in the hunter ring. Aspen is still learning the ropes, but watch for this girl in the show ring! She is sure to impress.


Cam did his time as a well-established show horse and is now teaching our less experienced riders how to take their first steps into the show and schooling rings. He is a fantastic teacher with a puppy dog personality. Steady and friendly, this big guy is a true favorite.


Commadore is an American Warmblood and is Kathryn Cecere’s personal horse that she allows some riders to school and show on. Those who work with Commadore will appreciate his beautiful, elastic stride and his expert knowledge in the dressage ring. He is a truly special horse that is sure to win blue ribbons wherever he goes!


Years ago, Cricket spent much of his time in the competition ring. Now that he is older and retired from the show ring, he is teaching young riders the basics. Don’t think that his older age limits his ability – Cricket can still out-jump many of the horses in the barn!


Felix is a newer member of the Harmony family, but he is quickly becoming an exciting member of the team. Previously, this fancy thoroughbred gelding competed up to training level as an eventer. Now he has joined our school program to help our talented riders move up the eventing levels. Just take one look at him and you will see why everyone loves him!


Impromptu was competing as an intermediate level eventer with Kimmy Cecere, and he is now bringing along our talented riders on their journey into the eventing ring. This jaw-dropping gelding will wow you with his movement on the flat and his scope and power over fences. He takes his job seriously and it shows in his success!


Jacque is a tried-and-true member of our school and show programs. This kind, talented thoroughbred gelding is an expert at introducing balance, rhythm, and larger jumps to students who are ready to take on the next step. Jacque is fantastic in the equitation ring and he is a favorite of our Nashoba Valley Equestrian Team!


Jake has been a member of the Harmony family for years. He is one of the most reliable horses to ever be in our show and school programs. Jake regularly wins division champion ribbons in hunter and equitation shows. His is a staple of our Nashoba Valley Equestrian Team.


While new to our programs, Lion is quickly establishing himself as a talented hunter prospect. Watch out for him in the show ring in the coming seasons – we are certain he will be sweeping up ribbons!


This big, friendly fellow is owed by our barn manager, Don Pollard. Moose has been in our program for years and is an expert at refining student’s canter transitions and teaching riders to be soft and sturdy in their aides. His movement is the smoothest in the barn! We are very thankful than Don allows us to use Moose in our lesson and camp programs.

Mr. Sparkles

This flashy, spiritful gelding started his training here at Harmony and is blossoming into quite the show horse. Mr. Sparkles has an easy, beautiful movement and is a fantastic jumper. We are so excited to see where this little pony will go from here!


Roo comes from an established jumper background and is quickly learning to teach newer riders how to move up to new levels. He is quick-footed but sensitive and a good listener. Roo is fun to ride and we are excited to see him show next summer!


Samson is a wonderful 15.2 Hanoverian Gelding. He was born and raised at Harmony Horse Stables and is a favorite in the barn for our more advanced riders. Samson is wonderful to ride at home and off property. He gets great dressage scores, often scoring in the 20’s, and is a blast to jump. Whether you want to show in the hunter ring, jumper ring, or event…Samson can show you the ropes!


At 38 years young, Smokey has seen and done it all. Despite his age, Smokey is running laps around the younger horses in our program. With his spark and deep knowledge of the job, Smokey has taught countless riders how to ride from the absolute beginning to the show ring.


Snip was a fantastic eventer in her younger years, and now she teaches walk/trot riders the basics. She has an easy, steady rhythm and is a phenomenal teacher. Most of our new students will spend much of their time with Snip!


Sonny spent several years as a serious eventer but now spends his time helping riders learn the basics of eventing.  He has taken many riders to regional and national level American Eventing Championships.  Sonny is a fantastic part of our program for students who want to school and show dressage, jumpers, or lower level eventing.


With his friendly nature and simple stride, Wall-e is a comforting favorite for many of our new riders. Wall-e’s paitence and kindness helps him exceed at teaching beginner students.  He is a fantastic teacher for riders young and old who need a steady friend to take them into their first steps of canter, over their first cross rails, and into their first show ring.