Summer Programs at Harmony Horse Stables
with Marcus Lewis Day Camp


Harmony Horse Stables partners with Marcus Lewis Day Camp to create the perfect day program for kids who want to learn more about horses and gain riding experience. Riders start the day with a group lesson and horsemanship activities then travel back to the Marcus Lewis headquarters where they finish the day with traditional activities. 

The horsemanship program has two levels. Our beginner/intermediate program is offered weeks 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6. Our advanced program is offered weeks 3 and 7. Contact us today to find out which is best for your child’s skill level!

Beginner/Intermediate Program

This program level is the most popular.  No experience with horses is needed to join this group. Riders will learn how to walk, trot, steer, and jump small jumps while riding in groups. This will be with or without assistance depending on the level of the rider. Students should not expect to do any canter work. Activities are introductory to horses and focus on having fun with the basics.

Grades K-8 are best suited for this program.

Advanced Program

This level is for riders who can walk, trot, and canter on unfamiliar horses. Riders will refine their equitation on the flat and learn to canter and gain basic skills in fences.  Students in this program are confident and comfortable on unfamiliar horses. Riders work in groups both in their lessons and their activities. Activities will focus on advanced horsemanship including horse care, stable management, and equipment.

Grades 4-10 are best suited for these weeks.  Please note, in order to be registered for the advanced program you must be approved by Harmony Horse Stables. Call or email to be approved to sign up.

Both programs run Monday through Friday and will conclude with a horse show that friends and family are welcome to attend. All riders receive a t-shirt, certificate from our instructors, a horse show ribbon, and can take home any crafts that they make in their weekly activities!

For more information or to sign up, contact the Marcus Lewis Day Camp at 1-888-MLDC-FUN or on the web at